Tuesday, March 30, 2010


while watching yo gabba gabba,
(much better than boo-bahs or barney,
but not as good as spongebob, obviously)

k -
"how come there are voices coming out,
but their mouths aren't moving?"

me -
"i think maybe they are people,
wearing costumes."

k -
"NUH-UH mommy!
that is so crazy."

me -
"oh, well, i was just guessing."

a few minutes later,

k -
"mommy! i think i see a zipper!
maybe you ARE right!"

me -
"hmm, really."

two revelations.
in one day.
what a smart kid.


The Ghost Who Blogs said...

Ethan continuously argues with me that the characters on Jack's Big Music Show cannot be puppets, because he has seen their feet.

pajama mom said...

that. is. awesome.

One Sided Momma said...

"NUH UH" = best word in the english language.