Friday, February 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy or Not

****Guest Blogger Disclaimer*****
This blog was posted by Mm and in no shape or form represents the views or opinions of PJ. They are solely my own unless PJ* wants to edit them.

On the way to G's basketball game the following conversation ensued:

G - who has a loose tooth says out of the blue "The Tooth Fairy is not real."
Mm - caught off guard "Why do you say that?"
G - "Because fairies are not real. But I know Santa is real because he is a person."
Mm - that is logical...."Well then how do you explain the disappearing teeth and money that is left behind?"
G - "It is probably you."
Mm - "Come on. You know I am the noisiest person in the world and I would wake you up."
G - "No, you are not the noisiest person in the world, I am!"
Mm - "Ok, you have me there. But why in the world would I want your stinky teeth let alone give you money for them?"
G - wavering a little.. "hmmm."
Mm - going in for the kill now, "They have to be small to get in and out of your pillow without you knowing. Of course a little magic is involved. " then working Santa into the equation because he is in good standing.... " you know Santa uses magic, how else could he deliver all those presents?"
G - "Santa can but I don't believe in flying reindeer, his elves probably made him a rocket sled."
Mm - geez. "Ok, Santa has been doing this for a long time. Way before rocket engines. Which means he had to have magic reindeer to get him around. They worked so well there was no reason to get a rocket on his sled. Though he probably could if he wanted.....Oh look we are at the school!"

Misdirection before he asks Santa's age ends discussion. Might need to start solidifying this story and make sure PJ will corroborate.

*can't. stand. the. capital. letters.


ann said...

OK, so also tell him he is mm, not m. I read it the whole way through the first time thinking that m wrote this and was very impressed by her logic and typing skills!!!! That g is something else!!!

pajama mom said...

i thought about that - i'll change it. :)