Tuesday, February 2, 2010

first hockey night

g's first hockey night with mm.
mellon arena.
mm said g was
completely enthralled.

pens win 5-4 over sabres.
pens score first goal 47 seconds in!
letestu - a rookie.
first goal of his career.

later in the first period,
two sabre goals.
roy and vanek!
48 seconds apart.

in the second,
another sabre goal.

still in the second,
pens score. a lot.
crosby scores.
staal scores.
crosby scores TWO more!
no way! a hat trick!
the fifth of his career.
hats all over the ice!

g is VERY worried about this.
"how will everyone get their hats back?"
"what happens to all the hats?"
"why would they do that?"

sabres make it interesting in the third.
one goal for pominville.
a couple of power plays for the sabres.
but they just can't make it happen.

an excellent game.
even better for your first experience.
g will have high expectations
for all future hockey games.

well worth all the driving.
i just wish i had a picture of
mm in his pominville jersey
and g in his crosby jersey.
walking into the arena.

note to self - take more pictures.


Anonymous said...

so how do they get their hats back and why do they do that?? papa b.

pajama mom said...

some also threw their free "penguins reusable grocery bag" on the ice - i thought that was even more horrifying!

wonder if they donate them? there were some nice looking hats.

i suggested crosby sign all of them and give them to charity.

pajama mom said...

oh! i found out! there is a boy scout that collects them and gives them to charity! yay scouts!