Wednesday, February 17, 2010

gung hay fat choy!

m is fortunate to have
a few friends that were
born in china.

one friend's mother
comes to school every year
for chinese new year.
it is a big celebration,
and i am always secretly jealous.

while mm and i ate our shrimp,
for wealth, of course,
(at red lobster, does that count?!?)
m had a party with her class.
she got a red envelope,
filled with a bracelet,
a noisemaker,
and some chopsticks.

this year m also got a little booklet
with asian zodiac signs.
i got a kick out of reading them again.

pj - rat, true dat.
full of charm, the rat is the object of admiration. a true sentimentalist, family and friends are close to her heart. her intellect and foresight bring success, money and work. rats are constant seekers of new ventures and travel. (famous rats - shakespeare, the queen mum, t.s. eliot, george bush, claude monet)

mm - rat.
(see above) change the her to his, then add in stubborn just for fun.

m - snake, the original.
a natural philosopher, the snake is blessed with a profound wisdom. always on a mission, she is dedicated to her chosen quest. seductive and mysterious, many are blinded by her hypnotic charm, unforgettable elegance and style. (famous snakes - oprah, maya angelou, simon & garfunkel, picasso, edgar allan poe)

g - ram, the middle one.
gentle and docile, the ram is sincere and kind-hearted. a pacifist, he never questions authority. fueled by compassion, he admires all of nature's beauty. rams strive to create a secure and tranquil environment. (famous rams - bill gates, michelangelo, william shatner, julia roberts, charles dickens)

k - rooster, the baby.
self-reliant and independent, the rooster is not one to seek counsel. she is confident and aggressive and is most at home in a crowd. a perfectionist, she leaves no detail undocumented. roosters will never abandon their dreams. (famous roosters - bette midler, donny osmond, benjamin franklin, elton john, groucho marx)

i surely do love all my crazy animals.
dang, that rooster is spot-on.

so, what's your sign?
happy chinese new year everyone!
i'm off to eat an orange.
for luck, of course.

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