Monday, February 22, 2010

not quite yet

m has this little patch of dry skin by her nose.
i keep putting lotion on it.
but it won't go away.

"m, next time you are in the shower,
scrub your face really well."
you know, exfoliate and stuff.

"i don't wash my face."
"uh, whaa?!?"
"i don't like to wash my face."
"you don't like to wash your face?"
good lord.

i guess that explains the dry skin.
and i thought
the days of having
at least one kid that
can shower herself
were here.

not quite yet.


Bonnie said...

I once told Devon to go take a bath. My Aunt Agnes was visiting so I was distracted. He came down with a ring around his neck so got sent back to do over. Came down with ring again so I asked if he had used soap. He said, "Well you didn't tell me to wash!" My aunt enjoyed that but I was not amused.

pajama mom said...

love it.
she washed her face last night.
big difference.
go figure.

Anonymous said...

your brother: "did you wash everywhere? did you use SOAP? did you use a washcloth?" soap was usually the catch. dad b.

pajama mom said...

i remember this. :)