Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hoard much?

ok, i have made a start.
infinitely more difficult than expected.
i may or may not be a hoarder.

these items have made the trash so far.
yes, the trash, they were that old.
not even worth donating.
that is SO sad.

1 pair of slippers
(my only pair)
2 tank tops
1 pair of shorts
(my only pair)
1 extremely uncomfortable undergarment
(so over looking "smooth")
9 t-shirts
(don't worry, i still have plenty)
1 pair of hideous socks
(which i loved at one time)
2 toxic bath and body items
1 loofah
1 soap shaped like a pumpkin
4 pairs of shoes
(don't worry, i still have plenty)

grand total = 25 items.
it's going to be a long way to 1000.

and some things that should have made the list,
but i just couldn't. let. go.

black leather coat
(may or may not still be in style)
olive green suit i wore to my first interview
(10+ years ago)
london hard rock cafe jean jacket
(will. never. let. go.)
sheep sweater
(pretty sure this was never in style)

maybe i will have more luck
in the kids' rooms.


One Sided Momma said...

"toxic bath and body" = i laughed and snorted out loud....have a few myself!

and whew good, i was hoping kids' stuff counted. now off to my drawer of concert Ts and overly pointy lapelled stuff.

inspirational you are!

pajama mom said...

"pointy lapelled stuff"
sounds a lot like my
olive suit. :)

Bonnie said...

I have clothes (and shoes) older than you are. My moms slingbacks from the 50's and a tiny little mini slip from the 60's that I can never hope to wear again.....

pajama mom said...

i have my mom's full length orange/red leather coat. :)