Monday, February 8, 2010

1000 things

i recently read this article -
how to live with just 100 things

i am very intrigued.

i want to be this way too.
but i have too much stuff.
and i do like my stuff.

this part got me thinking though,
"once their purpose is over,
they just keep you stagnant."


and while i don't think i can live with just 100 things,
i do have THREE kids, people,
i want to do something.

so here is my plan.
i don't even know if it is possible.
but i am going to try.

i am going to
little things, big things, broken things, etc.

and i'll keep you posted.
with a list, i think.
anyone else up to the challenge?


Anonymous said...

would a deck of cards count as one or fifty-four (jokers) ?? dad b.

pajama mom said...

lord, i could probably do 10,000 things if that is the case!

Aaron Bias said...

What kinda things are you getting rid of? I like things!

pajama mom said...

i think i'll post lists for each 100. probably mostly junk at first.

i'm sure mm will be happy to mail whatever you wish! he hates clutter.

he has d&d stuff - he won't get rid of that. i've been meaning to see what comic books he has. just for fun.

pajama mom said...

do you collect happy meal toys?

Aaron Bias said...

"do you collect happy meal toys?"

Not on purpose! :P

Aaron Bias said...

As to comics, I call "dibs"!

Cristie Ritz King said...

I'm so in!! Yes! I love simple. I hate clutter. I am bad at mastering either.;(

One Sided Momma said...

i'm in too. we kind of already do this naturally (you know, The Major has a touch of the OCD when it comes to clutter) but there is always room for improvement. oh man, i just gave myself a migraine.

pajama mom said...

mm also. clutter drives him nutso. which is all part of my evil plan, of course. :)