Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday confession

this past week i took a stroll
through st. vincent's,
our town's goodwill of sorts.

i like to walk through
(while everyone is at school)
to look at furniture, purses, jewelry,
and picture frames.
i'm searching for a giant frame for my
cincinnati zoo poster.
it is larger than a movie poster
by about four inches.
and all the quotes i've gotten so far
are upwards of $200.
so i keep hoping i'll stumble upon
the perfect match somewhere.

anyway, i purchased some ribbon.
twenty five spools of thin ribbon.
in one bag!
for $1.99!

"what the hell?"
mm asks.

"it was $1.99, the possibilities are endless!"
i say.

but honestly, he's mostly right,
i don't really know
what the hell to do with all this ribbon.
but it was $1.99.
totally justified.

bonus confession:
last night was m's first slumber party.
i missed her terribly.
i barely made it through the night.
i slept with my cell phone.
(and we used some ribbon on the gift, yo!)

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.


One Sided Momma said...

here's my belated sunday confession. i thought i was doing so great at being away for the weekend until i checked "incoming calls." there were eight just from me. in one day. so very pathetic.

Aaron Bias said...

I bought a bag of frozen pancakes. I know Amy thinks I'm crazy, because pancakes are so easy to make... Which they are... unless you're making them for one friggin' kid.

pajama mom said...

osma - lol!

we buy frozen blueberry pancakes, frozen mini pancakes, frozen regular pancakes, frozen waffles, frozen french toast, frozen french toast sticks, etc.

i still can't make 'em fast enough. they eat almost an entire box, every morning!

mm does make pancakes on sundays. i pretended i was really bad at making them, so he took over a few years ago. (i did this to get him back for pretending he can't make kool-aid as good as me)