Saturday, January 30, 2010

can i hava pieca?

k when she wakes up,
"can i hava pieca candy?"

k after breakfast,
"now can i hava pieca candy?"

k before and after lunch,
"i wanna pieca can-da!"

k in the afternoon,
"gimme a pieca can-day now!"

and again before and after dinner.
and before bed.

so the other day when she asked,
"can i hava pieca..."

i screamed, oh yes i did,

and then she said quietly,

um, well, yeah, i guess so.


Crystal D said...

Amelia does the dame thing... Why does she not get, after 4 years of being on this earth, that I am NEVER going to give her candy on demand?!?! But yet, she asks over and over.
Then once I YELL she changes her request. I think she just likes her own voice.

pajama mom said...

i admit, around halloween, i did use pieca candays as bribes to get her to eat. now we are in rehab, so to speak. :)

One Sided Momma said...

oh pj, we live in rehab. welcome to the dark side.