Friday, January 29, 2010

the mario and luigi smackdown

top five daily super mario spats
(from my house to yours)

5. MOOOOMMMMMMM! g bumped me and i went into the lava!
(g don't bump your sister into the lava, please)
4. MOOOOMMMM! m bumped me and made me fall out of the sky!
(maybe because you bumped her into the lava?)
3. MOOOOOMMMMM! (fill in the blank) ate both of the mushrooms!
2. MOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! m took the propeller hat and i got stuck with the fire flower and i didn't want the fire flower because it was my turn to have the propeller hat!
(here take mine!)
1. MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM! now she took the last power up! it was my only chance to get one and now i'm small and i lost my yoshi, she made me lose everything! and she made me fall into a ditch. just like always.

i usually turn it off between #3 and #2.
sometimes i let it get to #1.
and sometimes they work through it and actually cooperate.
for a little while.
who even bought this freaking game?
oh yeah, me.

and mm wonders why i look so frazzled
when he gets home from work.


Cristie Ritz King said...

I just instituted No Wii Wednesdays and it stretched into Thursday as a "present" to mom for her birthday. I can't take the whining!! I can't even imagine if we did. And we don't even have Mario.

Mrs. Call Me Crazy said...

This may be my house. Except this is the fight that is occuring between my husband and my 7 year old son.

ann said...

Sounds EXACTLY like my house!! Now they want two more remotes so we can all play together........

pajama mom said...

i could probably do a whole 'nother post on me playing mario with mm. i stink, so bad.

funny though, g is super patient with me, mama's boy!

Lydia and Kate said...

You need to get out of my playroom because my little terror suspects had they. EXACT same converation yesterday.
xo, Lydia

pajama mom said...