Saturday, January 2, 2010

you say you want a resolution?

a new year's day conversation.

mm - "so what are your resolutions for this year?"
me - "i don't have any."

mm - "you don't have any?"
me - "nope."

mm - "seriously?"
me - "i really can't think of any."

mm - "well, don't worry, i've got plenty for you."
me - "do tell."


One Sided Momma said...

oooh, a cliffhanger for tomorrow's confessional perhaps? i don't usually do resolutions either but this makes me want to ask my husband. sort of, kind of. okay, not really.

pajama mom said...

don't ask him,
you don't want to know.
trust me. :)

welcome to team edward.

One Sided Momma said...

you were right, i never asked.

and thank you. i may become president of this club. i'm kind of grossing myself out w/how into this series i've become. what is it about this vampire man-boy?