Friday, January 15, 2010

toothpaste poll

possible reasons why mm
twists the toothpaste lid so tightly
that the next person
(ahem, me)
can't open it AT ALL -
every day!

A. he just doesn't know his own strength.
B. he has always done this, i'm just wimpier from not working out.
C. since i'm just wimpier (see B) - he is secretly retraining my biceps.
D. he has committed to slowly driving me bat-sh*t crazy.
E. i'm already bat-sh*t crazy, and this is all just a bad dream.
F. so if anyone breaks into our house, he/she won't be able to brush.
G. all of the above

please feel free to take this poll,
there's a little wager on the outcome.
and it's delurking day!

do they still make that mentadent pump paste?
just curious.


ann said...

is there only one right answer? I see several posibilities! Most likely D.

Aaron Bias said...

Possible reasons why your 21st century toothpaste doesn't have a flip-cap like everyone else's ??

pajama mom said...

the wager is more about which side you are on as opposed to a "right" answer.

i see the tally is 1-1.

Anonymous said...

I am a little nervous leaving my first blog comment. Almost like the first day of school.....
Since A. is the most manly that is my answer. Though in secret I might profess it is to keep the kids from using it and hence making it look like something the car ran over. mm

One Sided Momma said...

i'm going to be diplomatic and say A (also because we have the same thing going on here w/the applesauce lid. i haven't had applesauce in months.) and thanks for the linkage!

Bonnie said...

Jim and I have separate toothpaste. He sucks on his and it digests the toothpaste. yuk.

Carla said...

whatever answer puts me on cara's side...sorry mm!

and yes, they do still make mentadent. it's what we use, but lately, it's been difficult to find the refills.

Crystal D said...

It has to be D or F. Ha!

pajama mom said...

thanks everyone!
separate toothpaste
is genius.

Anonymous said...

B. dad b.

pajama mom said...

i think i lost. boo.