Tuesday, January 19, 2010

of teeth and kids

yesterday was dentist day.
my kids love the dentist.
they go, get their teeth cleaned,
get a new toothbrush,
we all get ice cream after.
exactly 30 minutes after.
what's not to love?

this visit was different.
my mommy radar
was on high alert.
because our brownies
had just completed a badge
called healthy habits.
including a field trip
to a pediatric dentist.

there were video games in the waiting room!
train tables!
books, toys, highlights!
a friendly staff of hygienists and receptionists!
and there was dr. matt.
they all gave up their evening to teach our girls.
it was a fabulous field trip.

so, although my dentist didn't know it,
she was in my cross hairs last night.

and everything she and her staff did,
annoyed me.
a lot.
it suddenly became clear,
that while she takes great care of me
and mm,
she is no dr. matt.

three events have me searching
for a new dentist for my children.

first, our reception.
walking into the dentist's office,
with three young kids,
the whole staff looked
at us
like deer in the headlights.

now while i expect this look
at nordstrom's or saks' -
i don't at the dentist.

second, k.
she has always been my bravest kid.
but since an unfortunate decision
to let her choose the h1n1 flu mist,
she is now terrified of doctors.
(note to ya'll - 4 yr. olds and mist don't mix)
she let the hygienist look at her teeth,
but she would not let her clean them.

the hygienist says,
"don't you want to be like your big sister and big brother?"
k screams,
and cries.

and that was it.
no cleaning for k.
i felt like saying,
"seriously, that's all you've got?"

and third, g.
the dentist looks at his teeth.
says to the hygienist,
"i would put a filling in #x."

he asks,
"what's a filling?"
(techno jargon follows)
he asks,
"what's a cavity?"
(more techno jargon)
he asks,
"how do you fill it?"
(techno, techno, drill, more techno)

seriously? did you just say drill?

more tears.
mouth clamps shut.
she seems exasperated,
"g, i need you to open your mouth."
then to me,
"why won't he open his mouth?"

"because you just said you were going to put a drill in his cavity."
"well, not today."
"well, you didn't tell him that."

i convince him to finish the exam.
i tap his foot to comfort him.
i encourage him every step of the way.
he powers through.
then asks 442 million questions on the ride home.

then, to top it all off,
they didn't give us any free toothbrushes!
and she told m she needs braces.

but not today, remember to say, NOT TODAY!

does anyone know a good KID dentist?
we are all so ready.


Cristie Ritz King said...

These sound like bad adult dentists!! I get not loving to have kids in your chair, but it seems any fool knows not to use the word DRILL with a small person.
Wish I could recommend mine but the drive might be just a bit too far.;)

Aaron Bias said...

Your dentist sucks! At least from a bedside manner (chairside manner?) perspective.

Just started a new blog, more about life, less about comics:


Carla said...

that is ridiculous! i still go to the same dentist that i saw as a kid.

i will email the info to you.

pajama mom said...

thanks, we are having a hard time finding one that takes our insurance. sigh.

One Sided Momma said...

agreed, that dentist is a poser. zero knowledge of children and their (rational, hello!) fears of a drill in their mouth! i hope you find someone with more skills and better kid game.

Bonnie said...

Oh dear, poor little buggers! When my oldest was little I faithfully and trustingly took him to the dentist until I saw gumline cavities in several of his teeth. I took him to a new dentist and wrote to the Dental association about him. I never got a response but I did hear through the dental grapevine that it was read at a meeting. I was frightened by my dentist as a child and refused to go for years. He watered his novocaine and would hit a nerve, then hit me on the head when I jumped.

pajama mom said...

my childhood dentist gave us laughing gas. for everything.

mm's didn't even use novocaine!

we'd like to find a happy medium.