Wednesday, January 20, 2010

gender bender(ish)

our oldest gal is a girly girl.
our middle man is all boy.
and then there is our baby.

she is loud.
she loves princesses
and pokemon.
she also loves singing, dancing,
or mean game of dodgeball.

she will play "chef" for hours
or set up train tracks
in a figure eight.
she wears a tutu
with her star wars t-shirt.

she fills her sequined evening bags
with matchbox cars, squishies,
silly putty, and spy gear.

her legs are usually scratched up
from running and falling -
then running some more.
yet she still manages to look
adorable in tights.

she likes painting,
and bikes.

she doesn't mind bugs,
she likes dirt, sand,
chunky jewelry,
and lipgloss.
the more the better.

she gives the sweetest kisses,
and the most painful-est kicks in the shin.
oh, and she is so loud.

it's interesting how i think of m as a girl,
and g as a boy,
but when i think of k,
i just think of her
as a kid.

and well, i kind of like this way of thinking.
a lot.
and although i'm not sure where it's all going,
man, am i thrilled to be on the ride.


One Sided Momma said...

love this. though she's barely one, this post reminds me of my girl too. daredevil in pink with the lungs of aretha.

Aaron Bias said...

Ethan's best friend is a slightly older girl named Teagan. Ethan likes "boy" stuff, but has decided that purple is his favorite color. When he sees toy commercials for boys stuff he yells "I want that!" When he sees commercials for girlier toys he yells "Mommy! You need that!"

pajama mom said...

g liked purple for a long time.
and purple dora sippy cups.