Tuesday, December 1, 2009

random thought

today i realized,
i have been watching
dora the explorer -

in a row.

you'd think i'd be more bilingual by now.


Aaron Bias said...

I'm only in year three. I know how to say "jump" and "help me" (mostly Diego there. What's really sad to me is how much better the earlier episodes were. You know, before the star pocket was introduced. Dag! How lame will I be in another 5 years??

One Sided Momma said...

yep. don't feel bad, after at least a year, all i have retained is that mind numbing ditty about the map. (or is that diego?) also...an aside...why the yell voices on those shows? i'm convinced that's the reason my son has two volumes: 1.)OMG 3advil splitting headache level and then 2.)creepy red rum whispery private self-chatting.

pajama mom said...

ab - agreed, star pockets are lame, and superbabies? don't get me started.

osma - k is the only one of my kids that ever actually yelled to the screen like dora can hear her. it was cute at first, now it's definitely 3advil, at least.