Monday, November 30, 2009

dear lady at the movies

dear lady at the movies,

thanks for bringing your four-year-old to the nine o'clock showing of new moon. although you had your choice of at least 100 other seats, you sat right next to me with said child on your lap. explaining each scene!

hello - trying to have a date night here. team edward!

then as we are leaving, you (loudly) make sure your kid's coat is zipped because clearly that's important when leaving the mall at midnight after watching werewolves and vampires for three hours.

i'm really trying not to judge, because obviously i haven't walked in your shoes, but omg, please at least try the matinee next time.


p.s. mm has chosen team jacob, must re-evaluate him.


Anonymous said...

i recommended zombieland. dad b.

Aaron Bias said...

I'm with your dad. Zombieland is awesome! When we saw that remake of The Omen a few years back, someone brought a toddler. When the hell hound showed up, snarling and foaming, a tiny voice at the back of the theatre yelled "Doggie!"

One Sided Momma said...

my mom just finished the first novel and left it on my nightstand. looking quite forward to seeing what all this buzz is about. can't commit for sure yet but according to the trailers, i'd have to say i'm team edward too.

pajama mom said...

omg - it is velveeta cheesy goodness at its best - enjoy!