Thursday, November 12, 2009

the sock anniversary

when i was 18, i met a boy.
he was tall.
wicked smart.
the combination
knocked my socks off.
my white scrunched-down ked socks.

when i was 19, i went on a date with a guy.
we talked.
more dates.
he kissed me.
the combination
knocked my socks off.
my fuzzy tye-dyed birkenstock socks.

when i was 22, i married a man.
he promised me the moon.
the stars.
the sun.
the combination
knocked my socks off.
my perfectly-matched-to-my-sweater socks.

when i was 29, i had a baby with a husband.
he held her all day.
loved her more than he ever thought possible.
stared at her for hours.
the combination
knocked my socks off.
my green hospital slipper socks.

when i was 31 i had a baby.
a son.
when i was 33 i had a baby.
a daughter.
with a seasoned pro.
he builds pillow forts.
tells tall tales.
leads meetings of the secret flashlight club.
he is, hands down, the corniest person i know.
the combination
knocks my socks off.
my black adidas running socks.

when i am 100, i want a geezer.
he will sit beside me.
travel with me.
rock our grandchildren.
and guitar hero.
and promise me the moon.
the stars.
the sun.
the combination
will knock my socks off.
i just know it.
my knee-high old lady socks.

a 15th wedding anniversary,
in my opinion, should not be crystal.

it should be socks.
the sock anniversary.

'cause at this rate,
i'm gonna need some new ones.
grey puma, please.


Aaron Bias said...

Happy Anniversary! I realize that I received a wedding invitation 15 years or so ago and neglected to R.S.V.P.- Just so you know, I won't be able to make it. ;)

pajama mom said...

lol! i found some of your early refrigerator art the other day. mickey mouse, no less.

Aaron Bias said...

Hey! I just posted a couple of new things, FINALLY. No Mickey this time, though.

pajama mom said...

it is a birthday card. i'll scan and send to you.

One Sided Momma said...

leave it to me to cry at a post about socks. awesome. i hope you get your grey pumas.

One Sided Momma said...

and happy anniversary!

Cristie Ritz King said...

I cried too!! (Ok maybe just got all misty but still) and I swear it wasn't at the picture. Although I do love the matching haircuts.;)
Happy anniversary. Love it! Nerds are good sock knocker-offers.

Spectergirl said...

Happy Anniversary.

pajama mom said...

thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

why have i never before seen that picture? probably a good thing i didn't know you were kissing boys at 19. ignorance is bliss. although i may have suspected something. thank you. dad b.