Thursday, November 19, 2009

doo doo cupcakes

chocolate birthday cake mix: $1.25
chocolate birthday frosting: $1.50

time spent baking 24 birthday cupcakes,
6 at a time because you only have one pan,
and that pan was borrowed from your neighbor,
because your pans were used for kid paint and got rusty:
72 minutes

time spent frosting birthday cupcakes:
10 minutes

having your husband and children giggle
and say they look like little piles of doo-doo:


One Sided Momma said...

oh no they didn't?!? they are the prettiest and yummiest looking bunch of doo doo cupcakes i've ever seen. and p.s. you're not supposed to use the pan after it rusts? uh oh.

Aaron Bias said...

Come on, C! Cowgirl up, scrub off the rust, spray 'em with pam and get baking! OR spend $1.50 on cupcake cups!

pajama mom said...

lol! i threw them out over the summer in a de-cluttering fit. they were probably fine, just in the wrong place at the wrong time, caked with tempera, lookin' all smug and nasty...

i guess i'll have to make a trip to marshalls. oh darn.

Carla said...

doo-doo or not...they were yummy! thanks for our sample!

pajama mom said...

thanks for the pan! :)