Thursday, November 5, 2009

guess the ocd, part one

m is an avid reader.
just like me.

she has read almost all the
magic tree house books.

junie b. jones series.

judy moody, clementine, ivy & bean.
too many times to count.

it is time to move on.
so i got out my favorites.
that i have kept.
for her to read.
i'm like that.

a partial list of my
favorite books
from childhood...

anne of green gables
emily of new moon
pippi longstocking
tom sawyer
the secret garden
a little princess
jane eyre

and as a grownup...
harry potter
eve dallas series

can you guess the ocd*?
i might need some therapy.



Aaron Bias said...

Did you just write a post in iambic pentameter???

pajama mom said...

not on purpose.

One Sided Momma said...

one word: annie

therapy? nah, you just need a puppy.

Anonymous said...

not a puppy - my dog is great!!! La

pajama mom said...

actually i was thinking - pony.

pajama mom said...

p.s. team dorothy gale.