Friday, November 6, 2009

really, we actually made a decision?

after talking it over - 5,442 times,
we have decided to get the kids
vaccinated for h1n1.

so now, of course,
we can't find any vaccines.
we are on two lists.
one at the doctor's office.
and one at the school.

so frustrating.


One Sided Momma said...

congrats on making the decision, i can appreciate how impossible a decision it is to make. we're going for it too when and if we can even find a list to be on. and now, to spice things up "they" are recommending two shots for kids under 9, have you heard this too? love the ever sliding scale of information, right?

pajama mom said...

yes, i'm hearing stories about kids getting one, and then not being able to find a second.

the deal breaker for me was our college friends who live in arizona. he is a ped and was seeing 40+ cases a day. his whole family got the vaccine. months ago. his insistence got my attention.

here's hoping the "bug" doesn't pass through our house before we get to the top of a list.