Friday, November 13, 2009

the f***ing fours

when m was a baby we joined a playgroup. every week the kids played and the moms talked. about kid things. about grown-up things. current events. husbands. it was a welcome event in our week. for almost 5 years. until our firstborns went to school and we all scattered in the different directions of soccer, music, art, etc. we do still see each other at an occasional moms' night. it is always fun to catch up on what our "babies" are doing now.

one memorable conversation was about the terrible twos. m had just turned two, so i was only half listening. plus, g was nursing every 1.5 hours, so i probably wouldn't have noticed any terrible behavior anyway. i was exhausted. but it's more likely because m is just m. easy to reason with. easy to distract. thrives with choices, even if it's a choice between corn or peas. she was far from terrible.

the next part of the conversation peaked my interest. the trying threes. "two is nothing." the seasoned moms told us. "just wait for three." this made me a little nervous. but again, we have m. maybe some issues, but not overly trying. and g. sweet g. besides a quick temper, he will follow rules to a t. if only to show m he can, better than her.

then, the last part. the kicker. "after that, is the fabulous fours." a mom said. doesn't that sound wonderful?

"fabulous fours?!?" my friend g laughed, "my sil calls them the f***ing fours."

woah. certainly not at my house. seriously? people think that? about their children? i chuckled. i dismissed it, went home, and didn't think about it again.

then i had k. oh - we had some terrible two moments. and the trying threes are here. in my house as we speak. and folks, i don't mean to alarm you, but she is turning four in a week. a week!

i cannot stop thinking about my friend's sil. and i am not chuckling anymore. i am terrified. completely terrified.


Aaron Bias said...

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Cristie Ritz King said...

ditto. the be afraid part.