Sunday, December 20, 2009

sunday confession

there is a wendy's
near the kids' preschool.

preschool -
m went there for 2 years.
then g went there for 2 years.
and now k is in her second year there.

that's 6 years.
driving to preschool,
then going to wendy's for lunch.
let's be conservative and say twice a week.
we'll say 2 packs of nuggets, depending on the kid mix.
2 packs x 2 days a week x 30 weeks x 6 years = 720 packs
720 packs x $1.06 is approx. $760

wait, there's more...
almost every time we go there
we have the same drive-thru guy.
he looks just like desi arnaz.
acts like him too.
so not kidding.
he always says hello,
how are you,

one day a few months ago,
he wasn't there anymore.
just disappeared.

then last week,
i went to the wendy's
over by the craft store,
and there he was!

we chatted like old times,
"what are you doing here?"
"no! what are you doing here?"
"i work here now."
"no way!"

it was so lame.
and yet, so true.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.


Anonymous said...

One day - I don't even know when - but more than a month ago Z started asking for chocolate covered donettes before daycare. You know those yummy mini donuts? I said yes. Now he asks for and gets two everyday before daycare and eats them in the car. Strange but he never asks for them on the weekend... La

One Sided Momma said...

i have to completely second your wendy's story w/my own mcd's version. e.v.e.r.y day i take the kids to mcd's around the same time of day so i can get my latte fix (large, no less!), g's chocolate milk, and a's cheeseburger (she's iron deficient, what?) last week i skipped two days in a row and when we showed up on friday the cashier says, "where you been, i worry!"

needless to say, i'm weaning all of us starting now.

pajama mom said...

lovin' it ladies!

p.s. i should do another post on mcdonalds, we go, k won't eat their food, just the fries, but she likes the toys. so i eat the rest. sigh.

Ann said...

every T and TH after practice p is "so hungry". of course we pass McD's on the way home...she has snce become a McD hot chocolate snob. The stuff we make at home just doesn't taste as good apparently!

pajama mom said...