Saturday, December 19, 2009

an unlikely pair

yes, an unlikely pair.
kept apart by so many barriers.
not just social barriers,
physical and cultural as well.
age, weight, money,

oh, and economic barriers,
competition, customer loyalty,

but most importantly,
actual barriers.
of the cardboard variety.
separated by walls
all these years.

so how did this unlikely pair
overcome these barriers?
break down the walls between them?
seemingly by chance,
they were placed mere
branches apart by
three little matchmakers
on a fateful day.

and so they got to know each other,
leaning in for secret whispers
as the lights dimmed each evening.
they began to look forward to their
nights just "hanging out" together.
then, as if by force of nature
they slowly rotated
toward each other,
toward their future.

i wish them well,
this unlikely pair,
and hope they will be together
for many years to come,
their unlikely courtship
into true romance.


Ann said...

is that Elmo?

pajama mom said...

a santa from mm's first christmas.