Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tough assignment

m has been studying
native american culture.

and the importance of names.
and how sometimes names aren't chosen right away.
the parents will wait to see what name fits the child.

not unlike other cultures, i suppose.
i once had an econ professor whose
name meant "bright" -
he told us it was because his parents
thought he was "dim" -
and hoped his name would help him become
brighter in time.
asian culture?
i digress.

anyway, this assignment came home.
write a paragraph about how you got your name.
interview your parents.

our interview.
i'll leave out the part at the end
where i got all sorts of defensive
and left the room.

"who am i named after?"
"no one."
what kind of wack assignment is this?

"then how did i get my name?"
"we just liked it."
can't we just name our kid?

"you just liked it?"
yes, we just liked it!

"what about my middle name?"
don't you have some math i can check?

"we just liked it."
how much longer is this interview?

"you just liked it?"

"so i'm not named after anyone?"
"not really."
should i make up a great aunt or something?

"we just really liked it, okay?!?"
hello, it's the best name ever!

go ahead, write a paragraph with that info, i dare ya.
tough assignment.

there was one fun part - giving her a native american nature name. we loved coming up with different ones, sadly, "tooting toothless wonder" did not make the cut. (get it, cut?) but she did end up dubbed, "tumbleweed"... practically perfect if you ask us.


Cristie Ritz King said...

I was supposed to be a boy-Chris.
Dad took out the "h"-cris. More feminine? How about not short for anything? Just Cristie. Maybe that should be my native american name-not short for anything King.
Also, think I had the same professor. DId he ask you every Monday if you "drinky too much" and say "oooh soo sick" whilst imitating a mug with his thumb and fore finger? yeah, cool guy.

Anonymous said...

what happened to "beanblossom" ?? dad b.

pajama mom said...

we discussed that one, and "miss doozy" as well!

pajama mom said...

crk - i think that is him!

One Sided Momma said...

"don't you have some math i can check?" love that! sadly however, something my children will never ever hear.