Wednesday, December 2, 2009

to whom it may concern

to whom it may concern,

just for the record,
let it be known,

i would have NO problem
bashing a car with
my nine iron.

absolutely none whatsoever.

bring it,


One Sided Momma said...

dear pj,

i'm with you on this 100%; it would be my pleasure too.

catching a few licks on the unfaithful spouse would be a "happy accident."


pajama mom said...

the 'mo expensive the car,
the 'mo better.

Anonymous said...

i think u jump to conclusions. i read on the net that after working all thxgvg day and into the AM friday, obviously trying his best to provide for his wife and kid, she sent him out to the local 7-11 for icecream and 6pack. then he went to sleep at the wheel going down the, swerved to miss a kitten...yea that's it...hit the tree. the ungrateful wife goes to check, finds unconscious tiger and doors locked. not knowing if he was on his way to or from 7-11 (tinted glass) and fearing the caddie may burst into flames any second melting the icecream, goes back to the garage and finds the first implement she sees (9iron) to break the window, goes back the the suv, breaks it and, seeing no icecream nor 6pack, throws tantrum and smacks poor unconscious tiger with whatever is handy (9iron), then asks a trooper if he would get the icecream and a 6pack from the 7-11. yea that's it. stop bashing the poor guy. dad b.

pajama mom said...

i just read that the sand wedge is actually the heaviest club in the bag. good to know.