Wednesday, November 26, 2008

birthday pictures

working title "why all my money ends up at target"
or "why we take christmas pictures at home"

6:15am - g gets up? hears mm scraping his car.
6:15am - 7:00am - g plays ds while i sleep.
7:10am - kids up for school.
8:00am - bus picks up m and g.
8:30am - showered and ready.
8:45am - 9:30am - facebook, just kidding, well, not really.
9:45am - start getting k ready for her birthday pictures.
10:00am - remembering to print coupons, AND put in my purse. bonus!
10:15am - bag packed, dress packed, kid packed, off to target.
10:30am - at studio, changing k's clothes, brushing hair, etc.
10:40am - picture appointment, k looks perfect.
11:00am - still waiting, k running up and down the baby aisle.
42 times.
11:15am - um, still waiting. k dusting floor with white tights.
kind of frazzled.
11:20am - finally get pictures taken.
11:30am - pictures will be ready to look at in 15 minutes?!?!?
11:35am - in the toy aisle with popcorn ($1), sprite ($1), and vitamin water ($1).
11:40am - find the bakugan arena ($30)! and bakugan starter packs (2x$10)! score! check out, get some tic tacs for k ($1).
11:45am - look at proofs while k eats an ENTIRE giant box of tic tacs. ($70!) darn blonde hair!
12:00pm - loading up the car for the ride home.

exhausted, maybe i should have purchased TWO vitamin waters...
oh AND - i only had ONE kid with me! thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

what's a bakugan? dad b.

pajama mom said...

think pokemon, but harder to find. should sell them on ebay!

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for the bakugan starter kit. I bought the arena weeks ago but every time I go to the store they don't have the starter kit!!!! AHHHH


pajama mom said...

the $10 ones? i'll keep an eye out. the arena comes with a couple i think.