Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ebony and ivory

yin and yang, tomato, tamato, etc. opposites attract. it's true, believe it.

although, over the years, we have somehow met in the middle, funny how that happens.

our ivory anniversary is today, 14 years. it is fitting, the elephant, since i rarely forget anything. anything. i have a mind for detail. ask mm.

a few weeks ago, i went through some old college notebooks. and there it was. the program from our first date. well, first "real" date. sorry honey, teaching someone how to "shotgun" does not a date make... even though i ROCKED... hey, i'm a good student.

as some of you know, i am a latin geek. i took way too many college latin courses. up to the point where i was the only person left at wvu that even wanted to take latin anymore. i should have been a latin teacher, but that is another post. in one of my first classes, we were offered extra credit to go see a latin play at the cac. i got two tickets and had planned to take another guy... hey, i was living the single life for the first time, well, ever, and i was enjoying it.

then i met mm. darn it. i knew immediately that he was/is the one. everyone says, "you'll just know." but i didn't believe it, until it happened to me.

fortunately, the other guy had "prior" commitments, i.e. getting hazed, so i called mm. he said sure, what time, he'd be there.

he came in style. a cardigan sweater with a skinny tie. probably from the chess king, no less. sounds weird, but it looked cool. i probably wore some giant over-sized sweater, as i tend to do. our carriage was his red blazer plastered with buffalo stickers.

now comes the actual date part. the play that i asked mm to go to. i really didn't read up much on it, just went for the extra credit. we were getting ready to translate the next week, so i thought it might help to go. the play was called lysistrata. i cannot even begin to describe it here, it's too embarrassing, so i'll post a link to wikipedia.

i pretty much kept sinking further in my seat as the night went on. afterwards we had a good nervous laugh and went to eat n' park for dessert. i ordered the biggest dessert ever. we talked and talked and had a great time.

after that, we have had many more dates. we got married, had way too many kids, but some things will never change. he is always early, i am always late. he hates clutter, i adore it. he loves scary movies, i can't watch. he doesn't like sweets, i do, like, duh.

but from that very first date we both knew one thing, we are in it for the long haul.

and to this day, mm still has a penchant for dressing cool, and i still like to order big desserts...

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