Wednesday, November 5, 2008

swing of thought

we have been enjoying some excellent november weather, so yesterday we were outside on our swingset for quite a while.

g can finally swing on his own, and is pretty proud. "look mom, i can get started on my own!"

"yes, pretty soon you'll be driving a car..."

"i'm going to get a jeep."
m says, "i'm going to drive a convertible."
"you guys better go to college and get good jobs."
"i'll be a teacher," m says.
"i'm going to build things with legos," g says.

i keep the conversation going, "there won't be much room for car seats in a convertible."

g asks, "is there room for car seats in a jeep?"
"yes, but jeeps are pretty loud, it might not be good for little ears."


g states matter-of-factly,
"my wife will have a better car than me."

interesting. i like it!

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