Thursday, November 20, 2008

when i am president

m's class did a project. they each wrote what they would do when they became president. the booklet came home for us to enjoy and then send on to the next student. hopefully at the end we will get a copy to keep. it was a delight.

as i started reading, i became more and more nervous about what exactly m's answer would be. the other kids (this is second grade) wrote about many issues, ranging from lower taxes, lower gas prices, guns, straight up to better donuts... i am definitely voting for that kid.

i turned the page and there was m. sitting at the principal's desk, pen in hand, smiling up at the camera with her new teeth peeking out. my first thought was how grown-up she looked. i read her paragraph. i wish now that i had made a copy. she started with lower taxes, must have been a running theme in our households, as many students mentioned this.

the best part for me was that she wrote, "i would make sure that people have money to buy the things they need." closely followed by, "i would clean up all the litter."

the last sentence, however, was classic m - "i would put pandas in the zoo." are you listening pittsburgh?

mostly i learned that these kids are listening at home. they know what's going on in the world, and how their parents feel about it. i also learned that i have nothing to be nervous about, m is a bright little lady. and more than ready for the oval office.

bring on the donuts.


Anonymous said...

the donut kid can be m's VP. give the voters everything they want. dad b.

pajama mom said...

one kid wanted "faster internet". i liked that platform also.