Sunday, November 23, 2008

thanksgiving prayer

this prayer came home to us from church school. i'm not usually a sentimental gal, ok, who am i kidding, i liked this a lot. happy turkey day to you and yours...

my thanksgiving prayer to you from me;
is for love strong and true that you hold within thee.

a heart that beats steady and holds love within;
for your brothers and sisters and all creatures by him.

a soul that is worthy of all of his love;
that is given to you from the heavens above.

food on your table that you thank the lord for;
friends to surround you forever and more.

a house filled with love and the light how it shines;
showing all of its beauty till the end of time.

kindness towards others for all of your days;
to be returned i pray in many a way.

a good job to keep you and pay all your bills;
that you spend it all wisely and not on the frills.

a family around you that is loving and true;
that you all stand together for there are so few.

children to bless you if that is god's will;
to cherish and nourish so your life is fulfilled.

dreams of pure beauty as you lay there and sleep;
through the peaceful night when darkness is deep.

an angel to guide you through morning and night;
to protect you and love you till the end of your plight.

and last but most important your love for god will shine through;
to the heavens above for he's waiting for you.

amen and god bless! ~author~ judy n. marquart

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