Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween observations

first - to add to the list of candy that hurts my teeth...

milk duds* - jeez, who even invented these?
ju-jy fruits
blow pops

*i totally ate 5 boxes anyway.

second - a group of tweeners came dressed as "techno hippies" - fluorescent socks, paint splattered shirts, sweatpants pulled up, side pigtails, painters hats, etc. it's good to know my eighth grade wardrobe is back in "style" and called something as cool as techno hippie...

third - my kids successfully ate candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. this doesn't seem to have any adverse reactions, so far.

fourth - the mcdonalds coupons were a big hit with the jr. high crowd.

oh - and everyone please compost those pumpkins!

favorite costume - a young lady dressed as gisele, from enchanted. she was perfect. spoke just like her, complimenting our pumpkin and being all around gracious.

honorable mention - a tiny thomas the tank, who grabbed handfuls of candy. he was so cute i didn't even mind.

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Anonymous said...

Hallowween on a Friday, spilt days for different neighborhoods, almost 70 degrees out. BUT - less kids than usual.

Sadly I think some people are having kids just so they can trick-or-treat. Lots of infants (some asleep) and the parents had loads of candy.

Favorite item of the night? My neighbor handed out stickers for a BOGO free oil to the teens that didn't even bother to dress-up!