Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my new vera/gianna

we spent a fabulous holiday in ny. no snow, but quite fabulous nonetheless.

i even got some shopping time. my mother-in-law took me to the vera bradley store. i picked out a backpack. i have been eyeing one for sometime. veras are quite expensive.

i picked out the perfect pattern. love at first sight. i'm checking out all the pockets. plenty of room for regular purse stuff plus random kid junk. it's perfect. the price is - gulp - $84?!?!?

i carry it around. i check out the pockets again. do i really, really want this? then i notice the tag! this bag belongs to gianna! i ask the saleslady if she has another one. she is mortified, she checks. no - but she can give me this one for 40% off!


and no one will ever know. except for me. and gianna.

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