Wednesday, December 3, 2008

dr. computer

today was k's well visit. three years old. i'd like to be able to say, "where did the time go?" but honestly, it seems like FOREVER since she was born... although i really can't imagine my life without her in it. any of the kids. like, what did i even do that i was so "busy" all the time?

i LOVE to go to the doctor's office. our pediatrician is the best. and this is mainly because... he always asks ME how I'M doing. am i getting out? getting some me time? going on dates? he tells me to go to the movies by myself and fall asleep! he makes sure i am sane. and whether or not any of his suggestions ever happen, he at least checks on me. and i appreciate that more than he will ever know. sweet validation. it makes me a better mom. seriously.

today happened to be the day the office went "live" with their new computer system. ok, no big deal. i'm glad they are moving on up in the world. the nurse typed in k's vitals and left us to wait for the doctor. adds an extra element of danger watching your three year old jump around a room with a brand new wall-mounted computer.

the doctor arrives. he asks us how we are, check. love that. he examines k, check. love that. then he starts asking the general questions, what's she eating, any sleeping problems, bathroom problems, etc. to which i answer, "wendy's chicken nuggets only" and "i honestly wouldn't know if she has any problems, 'cause she's the third kid"... buh-dum-dum. (i am oh-so funny)

i look over at the doctor and he is TYPING EVERYTHING i'm saying, on the new COMPUTER! forever! a record of me stating that my kid only eats chicken nuggets! i try to add some other stuff - um, yogurt and milk, and eggs... too late. i peek over his shoulder and the diet field says, "chicken nuggets predominate." AAAAAHHHHH!

great. now she will never get into harvard.


Lisa said...

I laughed out loud at this one.... Is this for real?

Anonymous said...

My Doc has the notepad computers that they carry around. I've never thought to check and see what information he is putting in there! Umm, maybe I'll check next time. :)

Love from Buckeye Country

pajama mom said...

oh, it was all too real.