Tuesday, December 23, 2008


dear extremely-annoying-lady-who-stole-my-parking-spot-with-your-lexus,

it is customary to put your blinker on, pull past a parallel parking spot, then back into said space. it might even be a law.

so, if you see someone obeying the law, it is not usually customary to pull in the same spot frontwards, get out, lock your car, making that grating "beek-emp" noise.

and since you did not even look at me, you did not see the lovely bird i was wanting to show you.

but, hey, merry christmas anyway - i'm glad i didn't decide to back over your little teeny car with my suv. i will not let you ruin my holiday spirit.

most sincerely,
paja-bah mom

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, rings strikingly familiar to a Seinfeld episode that dealt with this. I recommend you watch it - those two spent most of the day each parked halfway into the same spot. :)

Missing everyone! Laura