Monday, December 8, 2008

mostly unsettled

each year the santa shop comes to school. and each year i request a mood ring... one year i got a sapphire/diamond ring and last year a giant solitaire.

so this year i happened to be at the school while the santa shop was set up... (one perk of being a helicopter mom)

i walked around with the kids and let them pick out some things for their siblings and themselves. then i casually put the mood ring in with their stuff. i told m there was no need to wrap it, i would just put it on. merry christmas to me!

at first i thought it was broken. it stayed on orange "unsettled." all the time.

then it spiked to blue "lovable." for a brief moment... not broken.

so basically, i am mostly unsettled as well as occasionally lovable.

sounds just about right.

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