Saturday, August 23, 2008

spoiled rotten

the triplets were here for the weekend. we had pizza night friday - yum, napoli's - and then went to the zoo on saturday. it's hard to describe the feeling of being an aunt. i never understood aunts, always gushing over these kids that aren't even theirs. but then i became one, and i get it now. our nephew and nieces are the cutest, smartest, and nicest ever. so polite, so good, etc, etc, etc.

also good, were my kids. no fighting, lots of helping, and sharing. made me think we are doing an okay job after all.

so - the spoiled rotten one - that would be - me!

the pittsburgh zoo is so fabulous. but i go there all the time. i no longer look at the polar bears with amazement. yeah, we have polar bears. baby elephants, yeah, got those too. seen them. how spoiled is that?

i started to see the zoo through the eyes of others. the amish families - talk about well behaved kids! and our nephew and nieces, their eyes lighting up around every corner... i can see that we are really lucky to have a place like that to go - even sometimes just for lunch.

see - spoiled rotten!

the polar bears were swimming, that was a great treat.

i think the triplets had a nice time in pittsburgh, i can't wait to take them to see the dinosaurs!

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