Sunday, August 24, 2008

interview, seriously?

every year around this time, i start thinking that i should get a job...

maybe it's the "back to school" groove, wanting to buy ALL those cute dresses at target, or just the long summer with little adult interaction.

this year i actually took it one step further and went to an interview. mm brought home the church bulletin. in it was an ad for an assistant to a preschool director. part-time with computer skills, finance, and early childhood experience. although i don't have the college courses in early childhood, i do have three small kids, so i feel like i've graduated from the college of "learn by living." and i do have an economics degree and some mad computer skills. so i sent in my resume.

i dressed up - read - not pajamas. my kids did not recognize me. i met with the interviewers and sold my skills. it was a pleasant enough experience...

"oh, you'd want me to be IN the office."
"THREE days a week?"
"more than SIX hours a day?"
"so you are saying - MINIMUM wage?"
"and i might have to someday BE the director?"

ok - so at least i tried - i suppose i can do without that extra pocket money in exchange for another year (or more) of hanging out with my 2-year-old.

i can't decide if i want them to call me back or not...

*update* they called back, and are trying to work around my schedule. weird.

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