Thursday, August 28, 2008


mall triathlon
two toddlers and an infant. to medal you must...

1. play in the playplace for exactly 30 minutes. then get everyone to leave cooperatively.
2. eat lunch at the food court. everyone has to finish before they can get up.
3. buy a dress to wear to a wedding tomorrow. and try it on.

bonus points for nursing in a dressing room, finding shoes to match the dress, taking toddlers to the potty, or getting to your car safely - carrying the dress, the baby (in a front pack), a screaming toddler, and pushing a double stroller.

you will be judged on patience. adding extra toddlers or infants ups the difficulty score.

pool decathlon
three kids, any age. to medal you must...

1. pack all gear and kids into the car, by yourself.
2. sunscreen everyone upon arrival.
3. eat a lunch you packed yourself. have enough for everyone. plus snacks and drinks.
4. be in the baby pool and the big pool simultaneously.
5. reapply sunscreen.
6. break up fights over one bucket you have for three kids.
7. use all of your spare change to buy ice cream.
8. make sure no one falls asleep on the way home.
9. cook dinner.
10. wash all the towels for tomorrow.

bonus points if you get a tan, read something other than gossip, or if dinner is something other than mac and cheese.

you will be judged on stamina.

i have a bronze in the triathlon, but have yet to medal in the decathlon, i hit the wall on 8...

are there mom-o-lympic events you have a medal in?

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