Tuesday, August 26, 2008

penny jewelry

a couple of weekends ago we went to the fall festival at our church.

my mother-in-law bought 10 tickets for the kids (and me) to put in the raffle boxes for gift baskets. i put m's name on some, g's name on some, and my name on the rest.

m wanted the webkin basket, g wanted the sports basket, and i wanted the vera bradley basket. i scattered them all around. the last one i put in was for jewelry from macy's. the ticket had m's name on it - and she won!

she scored two bracelets, two pairs of earrings, a necklace, and a watch. all gold, which i don't wear that often except for my anniversary band. there was a time that i swore i would never wear silver, until silpada came along, but i digress.

i had a brilliant idea to take the jewelry back to macy's, get store credit, and do some back to school shopping. the value of the jewelry was $650.

mm was so excited. we talked about all the things we could buy... clothes, shoes, microwaves, etc.

he took the kids to play at the mall and stopped to exchange the jewelry...

the sapphire earrings - $.01
the gold hoop earrings - $.01
the silver onyx bracelet - $.01
the opal and diamond bracelet - $.01
the watch - so old they didn't have it on record anymore
the necklace - $86.00

ok - are we so greedy that we are disappointed that we "only" got $86.00 out of our free prize? kind of! i had big plans for that money! darn it!

i bought mm some well-needed new shoes and three pairs of shorts for g for school. i guess you could call it a success.

i also have some nice jewelry, in fact the opals are starting to grow on me.

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