Tuesday, August 5, 2008


in the spirit of saving money - we want the girls to have "real" bedroom furniture before they turn 18 - we have not been eating out. i didn't think we ate out that much anyway, but now that we aren't, i really want to. and it is making me quite grouchy. i'm especially missing moe's and chick-fil-a. and fountain pepsi. how sad is that?

also, i have been taking on a lot of the "meal" chores. compiling recipes, making grocery lists, prepping the food, cooking... as most of you know, i don't particularly enjoy this, at all. and also, as most of you know, if i don't enjoy something, i whine, endlessly. that coupled with the kids whining over some "yucky" meal that i've spent my evening fixing, makes for even more grouchiness. oh - and plus - more dirty dishes!

so where does mm fit in with all of this? he is "compromising" as well, mostly having to listen to me whine... he also does the grocery shopping, the kitchen cleaning, and one other service. he eats leftovers. like a champ. and he never complains. and sometimes, he says my meals are good. cool.

"compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. it is what makes nations great and marriages happy."

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