Thursday, August 21, 2008

playdate crasher

yesterday we had a playdate at a friend's house. we arrived after lunch and the kids played inside. it's so great they are getting to an age where they can be off on their own and we (moms) can actually sit and talk for more than a sentence or two.

later in the afternoon, yes, i tend to stay as long as the kids are being good, we went outside to play. i was inside tying my shoes, and i heard a commotion in the backyard. i went to the back door and my friend was in the swing set fort with 4 kids. one kid was standing on the back porch, mesmerized. in the backyard was what i can only describe as a very large bird. mm later asked if it was "like a really big pigeon?" um, no.

i assume it was an emu? although i'm not sure what an emu could be useful for around here? if anyone knows, please tell me.

my friend was most distressed because the emu was circling the fort and sticking his head through the bars, opening his mouth. she yelled for me to call the police. i went inside and decided this is probably not the time to call 911, although i briefly considered it. i phoned mm and asked him to look up the police station number. (this is when i got the pigeon question) "no! the bird is as tall as me! taller!"

i called the police, this is pretty close to the actual conversation...

"i'm sorry to bother you, however, there is an extremely large bird in my friend's backyard and she is pretty much trapped in the swing set fort with all the kids."
"what's the address?"
address given.
"we tried to shoo him away, but he won't budge."
"okay, i'll call the farm and tell them to come get their bird."
"thank you."

are you kidding me? she knows the bird? she knows who to call? she is not surprised that there are birds like this on the loose in the community? she is not annoyed that i am bothering her with weird calls?

sure enough, the farm down the street came and picked up their bird. all is right with the world. oh - except those therapy bills from the nightmares...

p.s. armed with only a large yellow pirate sword, my friend totally ROCKED for keeping her cool in the face of danger. just another mom sacrificing for her kids. and mine.


Olga said...

THAT was an AWESOME story....

I'm still smiling after the laughter. Thanks.

Olga said...

That was me, Lisa, from gymnastics.

I forgot that I was "olga" for a while....

Is this one of my mom-ish sins??

pajama mom said...

hi! where did the olga come from? how are you?

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn still tells everyone there was a "Cock" in our backyard.

pajama mom said...

TOO FUNNY! should be a great preschool story!