Tuesday, March 8, 2011

underworld trivia

flip on tv to find...
underworld: rise of the lycans.
oh joy.
(this is sarcasm)

mm - "have we seen this one?"
me - "looks really familiar."

mm - "i don't think we have."
me - "aren't they all the same?"

mm - "this is the third one."
me - "yeah we haven't seen it then."

mm - "wonder why we never watched it?"
me - "because it doesn't have kate beckinsale."

mm - "hey, you're right, it doesn't."
me - "seriously, why even bother to watch a movie
if it doesn't have kate beckinsale?"

mm - "exactly."

the end.


One Sided Momma said...

you're right. we married the same man. awesome, you're my sister wife. this could all work out if only we lived in the same compound, i mean house.

pajama mom said...

if only we could get
kate to do the dishes.