Wednesday, March 23, 2011

gas princess

wednesday confession -
i don't pump gas.


when i was a teenager
gas magically appeared in my car.
i suspect my father,
but i can't be sure.

when i got married,
mm took over.
whenever i drive my car,
the gas is just - there.
i know.
i am a total gas princess.

i don't pay attention to gas stations.
unless they serve hot dogs. 
with slaw.
or those pretzel/nacho cheese combos.
i also don't pay much attention to
those little signs with the prices posted.
i have only filled my tank a handful of times.
and when i do - i get really grouchy about it.
i am not even kidding.

so today, i braved the gas station
for the first time in forever.

and even though i am a total gas princess,
i am thinking $68.05 is a bit much for a tank of gas, no?

wow, perhaps i should venture out of the castle more often.

1 comment:

One Sided Momma said...

my mom is a gas princess too. It must have skipped a generation. dam sam.