Saturday, March 19, 2011


in the fall sometime i saw
a friend
slice up an avocado
and eat it -

i silently thought - ew.
and ack.
plus other weird words.

then i got to thinking.
i do like guacamole.
a lot.
and i've had avocado slices
on bacon cheeseburgers
once or twice.
but plain?

so i bought one.
and i scooped it out,
sliced it up,
and ate it.
it was - delicious.
and fabulous.
plus other good words.

months later i am still hooked on avocados.
and i've almost gotten mm hooked as well.

they are particularly good -
with chips and salsa.
with tortilla soup.
mixed with greek yogurt.
on a turkey sandwich.

or - just plain - so weird.