Saturday, March 12, 2011

banana bob

at our local shop and save
there is the coolest guy -
banana bob.

if the kids see him and say hello,
he will give them a banana.
with a sticker on it that says,
"banana bob" -
his signature.

k is all over this,

"did you know that bananas
have vitamins and miner-wals?"

"banana bob says so."

"banana bob says bananas
are a heal-fffy food."

"did you know the banana
peel protects the banana?"

"that's what banana bob told me."

why yes, i do know these facts.
and i've been telling you this stuff for years.
so has your father.
but it apparently doesn't mean squash
until banana bob says it.

so, banana bob, hats off to you, man.
you're all right with me.


Anonymous said...

he should switch identities occasionally.
apple al
orange orville
pomegranate paul
kiwi k??
how about veggies too?
papa b.

pajama mom said...

green bean gabe?

pajama mom said...

oh and kiwi karl, definitely.

Bonnie said...

Stephanie Strawberry, Beula Blueberry, Cara Cantaloupe! Or Brock Lee, Cell Ree, Peter pepper......

pajama mom said...

i think we are on to something here.