Tuesday, March 29, 2011

never a wish better than this

**update**  4/4,
doing well.

**update** 4/1,
mm visited with her,
she is doing, "very well."

**update** 3/31,
she has made it
through surgery.

mm is in nyc.
with his gramma hanu.
she is 95-ish.
but she will tell you she is 29.
or 43.
depending on the day.

i will be here taking care of the kids.
as long as i need to.
and i will not whine or complain.
because she is 95-ish,
and i am not.

she is in the hospital.
she needs a new heart valve.
she is very feisty.

please keep her in your thoughts.
for a moment.

1 comment:

One Sided Momma said...

hoping gramma hanu made out okay with her recovery and thathubs could get back home feeling confident she would be okay. Wow...95ish...amazing!