Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday confession

last night some friends called.
they were having a pool party today
for their youngest.
they had some cancellations,
and did we want to bring the kids
to the party?

our kids LOVE to swim.
especially in the winter.
at a hotel.

but we said no.
mm is not spontaneous.
at all.
it was too much trouble.
trying to watch three kids in the pool.
and we had so much to do today.
so much work, cleaning,
organizing for the week.

we should call them back
and let them know.
no way.

then a thought popped into my head.
if we had just one kid -
would we have said yes?
the answer was yes.
we both agreed that we would have
no problem if it was just one kid.

how fair is that?
not at all!
it's not their fault
there are three of them!

so we said yes.
and we went to the party.
the kids had a blast.
swimming, sliding, splashing, playing.
they had cake and even got treat bags.
it was a wonderful way to spend a sunday.

and to think we almost said no.

have you ever said no
because it was too much trouble
to say yes?

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

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