Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the game of life

schooled in the game of life...

m chose a career.
i chose college.
i'll show her.

i finished college.
graduated with $125,000 debt.
had to buy $5,000 worth of books.
became a doctor.
i'll show her.

while i was in college,
m became a pro athlete!?!
she collected two paydays,
got married,
no debt.

i got married,
had twin girls,
paid taxes.
i got sued for $100,000 -
lost my job.
became a lawyer.
ha - i'll show her.

m bought a double wide,
and an rv.
i bought a modest victorian.
we both got raises.
i got sued for $100,000 -

i bought some art,
sent two kids to college,
$50,000 -
per kid.
hired a butler/maid service,
retired, received some money
from the twins as a present.
not nearly enough after all i've done for them!
paid my college debt.
finished the game with a little over a million dollars.
i'll show her.

m retired,
finished the game with 2.5 million dollars.

well played, game of life,
well played.

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