Tuesday, December 7, 2010

draft #1 - painted horses

as i move closer to 500 posts,
i thought i'd look through my drafts
and see what didn't make it to the
"publish" stage.

the first one i found is from long ago...
i had almost forgotten what i meant to write.
there was a title, a bit of text.

our family spent the day with the dinosaurs
at the museum of natural history in pittsburgh.
it was a great day.

there was a special exhibit of horses upstairs,
and outside the exhibit was a table
with a horsey craft.
color the horse,
then make it into a puppet.

the kids got to work.
then it happened.

m colored her horse -
all those markers in front of her!
the choices!  the possibilities!
and my rainbow, glitter, ever-colorful child,
picked brown.

"yes mommy, horses are brown,"

"what about pink? or purple? or polka-dots?"
"no, brown, mrs. said horses are brown."

"but your horse can be whatever color you imagine it to be."
"brown, mommy."

it was such a small moment.
but it was so sad to me.
it's probably why i didn't post it.
she was growing up.
i never wanted to homeschool more in my life.

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Bonnie said...

I always hated it when the teacher gave an assignment that had a right and a wrong way to do it......