Monday, December 13, 2010

draft #4 - nervous breakdown

as i move closer to 500 posts,
i thought i'd look through my drafts
and see what didn't make it to the
"publish" stage.

i don't know why i didn't publish this one.
i think it's because i couldn't get the wording right.

i was talking with my maw-maw,
who had six children.
she was asking about our kids,
and i was telling her all the crazy stuff
that happens around here,
sometimes all in a span of five minutes.
it is non-stop.

i told her i didn't know how
she managed with six.
i have always respected her for this,
and even more so now that i have three.

she laughed, a really good laugh, and said,
"oh lord, you know this one time
i had a breakdown and
ended up in the nervous hospital,
i had to take pills and everything!"

then she said, with a far-away look,
"they sure don't stay little long at all."

it was such a revealing moment.
it made me respect her even more if that's possible.
i appreciated her honesty.
it made me feel better about my crazy life.
and i really wanted to know if there are still
nervous hospitals.
sign me up.


Bonnie said...

Yes Carabee, there are "nervous hospitals", and I can evaluate you for admission. However, you do not qualify for admission at this time. those were gentler times and people could go in for a "rest". Now, believe me, there would be no rest.

pajama mom said...